I am both excited and happy. I think it has become very nice. I hope you like it too. It is still not completely done. But I will add on more content later. For now, I am very happy about the way it turned out. In the future I will add an online booking to the page. Then you can see what times that are available and make the reservation online.
In this blog, I will share with you tips and ideas on how to improve the way you look and feel.
I will also show you pictures of my work.

Like this.




















tapet hår


I do hair extension with 100% natural hair. You can choose between micro link, glue, tape, Italian way and keratin bonding. The last pictures show before and after pictures of Brazillian blowout. I work with high quality products from Brazil. The process does not damage the hair, and last from 2-3 months.


Cryolipolysis. This is similar to Coolsculpting. The technique destroys fatcells by cooling them down. The fat is then metabolised out of the body. The picture to the left is taken 4 weeks after the picture to the right.


manikyr og pedikyr

Here is some of my nailwork. Gel nails with French manicure. Check out the prices on my page. I think you will be pleasantly surpriced.

I hope you like my page.